IDI Composites International works with Wabash MPI to develop a custom testing press with tighter tolerances to help clients enter into new markets


IDI Composites International is the premier global custom formulator and manufacturer of thermoset molding compounds and composites for OEMs, Tier 1s and molders.


The company’s previous test press was dated, would not stay level when molding flat panels, and resulted in an unacceptable level of tolerance.


Wabash worked with IDI to develop a custom testing press with tighter tolerances and live readings on molding conditions.


The new press enabled IDI to help its customers break into new markets with innovative materials and designs.

IDI Composites values its ability to innovate on behalf of its customers. With a new press from Wabash, IDI is now able to better prepare mechanical prototypes for testing high-performance materials.

White car in front of IDI CompositesThere’s another side to the old adage, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” For IDI Composites International (IDI), that flipside was: If it’s not allowing you to innovate, it’s time for a change.

IDI had been using an older press to prepare mechanical samples for material testing. This press wouldn’t stay level when molding flat panels, resulting in unacceptably high tolerance levels. The old press was an essential part of the R&D process for IDI but was not fulfilling that role successfully.

To solve those challenges, Wabash developed a new hydraulic press for IDI that:

  • Provides accurate, real-time data during the molding process
  • Maintains consistent temperature and tonnage during the molding process
  • Allows for tight tolerances when molding flat panels
  • Enables IDI to use the press for other tooling and prototype projects
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