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At Wabash, our expert engineers can design and build a press for just about any application you can imagine. In fact, 98% of our presses are custom made. Our decades of sales and engineering expertise assure that our customers get exactly the presses they require. Wabash presses are essential tools in many niche operations — and our ability to create custom presses is something our competitors simply can’t match. That’s why the top brands around the world trust Wabash presses for their most critical testing and manufacturing.

These are just some of the many unique applications in which Wabash presses have delivered superior performance:

Medical: Repairing skin and bone. We created a high-tonnage, all-stainless steel press for a procedure in which bones are pulverized and used to create a paste to repair damaged bones. Another customer creates synthetic skin material for grafts for burn victims and other patients.

Oil and Gas: Testing sand used to keep fissures open during the extraction of natural gas from shale rock.

Green energy: Laminating the members of PEM hydrogen fuel cells.


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