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New Literature Features MICROLIM™ Liquid Injection Molding Machine

Literature on MICROLIM Hybrid Servo-Pneumatic Liquid Injection Molding Machine.

Wabash MPI now offers new literature featuring the hybrid servo-pneumatic MICROLIM™ Liquid Silicone Injection Molding Machine. The literature details the complete product specifications, features and size measurements of the machine. Several images are also featured, including one noting the specific position of features and options on the MICROLIM machine.

The new MICROLIM machine is ideal for clean room and medical applications and is designed for shot sizes up to 15cc with excellent shot to shot repeatability. Features include a patented plunger design with “center shutoff” nozzle for accurate shot size control. The injection head is easily removable for quick cleaning and changeover, making the MICROLIM™ ideal for short run applications. The machine has a maximum clamp force of 17 tons and platen size of 9” X 9”.

Wabash MPI is a leading international supplier of standard and custom presses to the medical, aerospace, recreation, automotive, education and energy markets. Applications include ASTM polymer testing, proppant crush testing, rubber, plastics and composites molding, R&D, laboratory and other specialized processes. Included are elastomer and vacuum molding machines for compression, transfer molding, laminating, and trimming. Wabash also offers custom engineered presses, as well as used and reconditioned presses.