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Wabash adds Preowned Presses and Reconditioning Services to its Lineup

Preowned and reconditioned presses from Wabash.

Wabash MPI, a leader in standard and custom press manufacturing, is now offering used and reconditioned presses. Customers can see all available presses at http://www.wabashmpi.com/equipment_list.asp. For customers with old presses who want to upgrade, Wabash will offer a trade-in on certain models. A buy-back program for used presses is also available.

In addition, Wabash offers a reconditioning service. If you have a Wabash press that needs refurbishment, contact the Wabash Service department for information.

Wabash provides standard and custom laboratory and production presses for many applications, including composite molding, compression molding, transfer molding, vacuum molding, compaction, ASTM, laboratory and R&D.