Wabash MPI hydraulic and pneumatic presses

Seller is Wabash Metal Products Inc d/b/a Wabash MPI

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Superplastics Forming Presses from Wabash

Wabash MPI offers superplastic forming presses for molding titanium alloy sheet materials for military and aerospace applications. This forming process begins with press heating platens hot forming the material and the die up to 1832 F° (1000 C°). Gas pressure then slowly inflates the heated material to fit the die, conforming to even the smallest details.

Wabash MPI is an international manufacturer and supplier of compression molding, vacuum molding, transfer molding, ASTM testing, composite molding, laboratory and R&D presses. An all electric compression press is also offered. Wabash provides standard, special application and custom presses to meet customer’s specific requirements.