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Wabash MPI Received Patent for E-Series All-Electric Compression Press

Wabash MPI E-Series all electric press receives patent.

Wabash MPI has recently received patent U.S. 6990896B2 for their all electric E-Series Compression Press. Especially suited for clean room and laboratory applications, the E-Series is designed for round-the-clock performance in a lab or on the production floor.

This press series is clean, quiet to operate, and offers greater precision and reliability over hydraulically driven presses. It also offers greater energy savings, especially for longer dwell time applications. The E-Series is ideal for compression molding rubber/elastomers, gum silicones, various TPR’s, thermosets, and plastics, but can also be used in various bonding and laminating applications. The unique all electric power/drive system provides accurate ramping of clamp force from 1,000 lbs to 30 tons.

Standard temperature range is to 650°F (higher temperatures optionally available), and platen sizes range from 12" x 12" to 24" x 24". The E-series features a microprocessor-based programmable control of all press functions. Heated platens are fully insulated, cartridge heaters are included. The temperature is controlled thru the PLC and has programmable heating and cooling capability. An integral load cell is included for force feedback to the PLC providing programmable pressure ramping capability. The PLC also has a segmented program structure with recipe storage.