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Wabash Celebrates 75th Year in Business in 2016

WMP 75th Anniversary

Wabash MPI is celebrating its 75th anniversary in 2016. The first Wabash press was built in 1941 for a Wabash, IN high school science teacher who wanted a hydraulic press in his lab to teach students about molding and laminating various materials. Since this first press, Wabash has expanded into presses for compression molding, transfer molding, liquid silicone injection molding, C-frame and presses with vacuum assist and are available in hydraulic, electric and pneumatic versions.

Today, Wabash MPI is a leading international supplier of standard and custom engineered presses to the aerospace, medical, recreation, automotive, education and energy markets. Presses can be produced in sizes from .5 to 1200 tons, and bed sizes from 6” x 6” to 6’ x 12’, for molding, laminating, trimming, forming, bonding, sizing and more. A range of clamp force options, platen heating and cooling options, enhanced control packages and standard and custom options and accessories are also available.

Applications for Wabash presses include ASTM polymer testing, proppant crush testing, rubber, plastics and composites molding, R&D, laboratory and other specialized processes.