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Pneumatic press from Wabash MPI.

Visit Wabash MPI and Carver, Inc. in Booth No. 1429 during MD&M West 2019, North America’s largest annual medtech event, held at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA from February 5-7, 2019.

Wabash MPI presses are used in a variety of medical and general molding applications using elastomers, composite, gum silicone, thermoset and other materials. Standard hydraulic and pneumatic press sizes range from .5 – 1000 tons and platen sizes from 12” X 12” to 48” X 48”. Custom designed presses can be supplied to fit your molding needs.

Carver, Inc. presses are available in manual or automated versions in clamping capacities from 12 to 100 tons. The presses are suited for various materials research such as pharmaceuticals, drugs, silicone and other elastomers and for lab testing, laminating, oil extraction, sample preparation, pelletizing, splice molding, extrusion and forming.