Vantage Machine Front View
Vantage Back
WMP 1000 Ton Press
Vantage Machine Front View
Vantage Back
WMP 1000 Ton Press

Vantage Series

Ideal for Compression Molding, Bonding, Trimming and Laminating: 200 to 1000 Ton Capacities

Tonnage Range: 15 – 1000    |    Platen Size (“): 12×12 – 120×60

Energy-Efficient Hydraulic System – Integral hydraulic system features energy-efficient load-sensing pump and TEFC energy-efficient electric motor sized for the press. Components are easily accessible for quick maintenance.

User-friendly Controls — Programmable controller with interface controls press sequence. Digital temperature controllers maintain uniform temperature of optional heated platens.

Reliable Control Systems — NEMA-rated control cabinet designed for easy access.

Safety Guards — All new Wabash presses include a safety guard with keyed interlock around the molding area for improved safety. Sliding, hinged or power gates are available.

Vantage Presses can be Customized for Compression Molding Applications:

While standard Wabash Vantage Presses handle a broad range of applications and can be upgraded or performance-enhanced with available options, your unique requirements may call for a “customized” press. Consult your Wabash representative for more information about “customization ” for your particular needs.

Vantage Standard Features:

  • Clamp forces available from 15 to 150 tons
  • Adjustable daylight opening (daylight varies by model)
  • Steel platens, machined flat and parallel within + .001” in/ft
  • Platen size: 15″ x 15″ to 48″ x 48″
  • Programmable controller with HMI
  • Cycle counter thru PLC
  • Automatic transition from closing to pressing speed
  • Closing speed 45 to 100 IPM (depending on model)
  • Pressing speed 3 to 5 IPM (depending on model)
  • OSHA approved operating system
  • Pressure relief valve with analog pressure gauge
  • Integral hydraulic system with high-efficiency TEFC motor, reservoir & water-cooled heat exchanger
  • Clamp area guards with keyed interlock
  • Electrical supply: 460/3/60 (other voltages available)


Platen Options:

  • Heated platens (to 500°F, 650°F, 800°F or 1200°F) with cartridge heaters
  • Digital PID temperature controllers
  • Programmable ramping controllers
  • Programmable heating (and cooling) thru PLC, programmable thru HMI
  • Water cooled platens
  • Steam heated platens
  • Oil heated platens
  • Larger platen sizes

Hydraulic Options:

  • Low pressure system
  • Additional cylinder stroke
  • Pressing speed control
  • Contact gauge for quieter & more energy efficient operation
  • Hydraulic part ejector
  • High speed hydraulic package
  • Digital display of clamp force
  • Electronic force control
  • Air-cooled heat exchanger
  • WaterSaver valve for heat exchanger

Mechanical Options

  • Down acting configuration (with Sitema safety catcher)
  • Extended tie rods
  • Work table
  • Shuttle platens
  • Lower sliding platens
  • Tilting platens
  • Mechanical eject
  • Power operated safety gate (in lieu of standard manual gate
  • Multiple daylights
  • T-slots or tapped holes in platen for mold mounting

Electrical Options:

  • 7 day timer for heaters
  • Cycle counter (with keyed reset)
  • Chart recorder Light curtains
  • Light curtains
  • Extra heat zones in platen(s)
  • Audible or visual alarms
  • Mold heat temperature controllers and plugs
  • Clamp area lighting
  • 220, 380 or 575 volt operation
  • UL, CUL or CSA configurations available
  • Smartdac Data Acquisition System


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