WMP 1000 Ton Press
WMP 1000 Ton Press

Vacuum Shroud

1000-Ton Hydraulic Press for Compacting Metal

Tonnage Range: .5 – 2500    |    Platen Size (“): 6×6 – 180×144

A 1000-ton hydraulic compression press is available from Wabash MPI. The press features programmable control of clamp position, closed loop control of clamp force from 10 to 1000 tons, and fully programmable compression and decompression rates throughout the entire force range. The PLC control provides for recipe storage as well as remote communications capabilities.

The Wabash press, Model 1000-36X, has a 36” x 36” work area which can be equipped with heated platens for compression molding of rubber and composites. Rigid, four tie rod design assures minimal deflection and easy parallelism adjustment. Integral hydraulic system powers 30” diameter clamp cylinder and two double acting fast advance cylinders. Fully enclosed and interlocked clamp area guarding is standard for operator protection.

1000 ton Compression Press Features:

  • Energy-efficient hydraulic system
  • Large bore main ram with jack rams
  • Additional safety equipment as requeste


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