Vacuum Molding Press - Slab side
Vacuum Molding Press - Slab side

Slab Side Design

Presses for Molding and Lamination - Increased Quality and Production

Tonnage Range: 15 – 600    |    Platen Size (“): 12×12 – 48×48

Compression molding or laminating on a press equipped with a vacuum chamber pays off in faster production, higher quality and reduced scrap parts. Surrounding the workpiece with a vacuum removes heated gases and trapped air from the part, thereby eliminating defects. The Wabash line of vacuum presses range from 15 to 600 tons of clamp force. They incorporate the quality construction and performance features of the standard Wabash presses plus a versatile and efficient vacuum chamber design that lets you take full advantage of the benefits of vacuum operation.

WABASH vacuum molding presses feature a heavy-duty slab side construction which forms the four walls of the vacuum chamber. Manually operated hinged doors on front and rear seal to create a vacuum environment during operation.

Hydraulically operated automatic front and rear doors can be specified as an option for speed and convenience. Precision ground platens are parallel and level to +/-.001 in/ft. Heavy slab construction minimizes deflection.

Self-contained hydraulic system includes an efficient load sensing, variable volume, pressure compensated pump, hydraulic oil reservoir with sight gauge, thermometer and a clean-out door.

Customize Standard Hydraulic Presses to Best Fit Your Application

You benefit from the many options that let you tailor a Wabash press to fit your application. When molding certain composites, higher platen temperatures are required. You can choose platens capable of temperatures to 650°F, 800°F or 1200°F.

Equip your Wabash vacuum press with multiple daylight openings, worktables, cooled platens and material handling systems, depending on your productivity objectives.

Vacuum Standard Features:

  • Clamp forces available from 15 to 600 tons
  • Slab side construction
  • Steel platens, machined flat and parallel within + .001” in/ft
  • Platen size: 15″ x 15″ to 36″ x 36″
  • Programmable controller with HMI
  • Cycle counter thru PLC
  • Automatic transition from closing to pressing speed
  • Closing speed 60 to 100 IPM (depending on model)
  • Pressing speed 3 to 5 IPM (depending on model)
  • OSHA approved operating system
  • Pressure relief valve with analog pressure gauge
  • Integral hydraulic system with high-efficiency TEFC motor, reservoir & water-cooled heat exchanger
  • Manual front and rear access doors with keyed safety interlock
  • Electrical supply: 460/3/60 (other voltages available)


Platen Options:

  • Heated platens (to 500°F, 650°F, 800°F or 1200°F) with cartridge heaters
  • Digital PID temperature controllers
  • Programmable ramping controllers
  • Programmable heating (and cooling) thru PLC, programmable thru HMI
  • Water cooled platens
  • Steam heated platens
  • Oil heated platens
  • Larger platen sizes

Hydraulic Options:

  • Low pressure system
  • Additional cylinder stroke
  • Pressing speed control
  • Contact gauge for quieter & more energy efficient operation
  • Hydraulic part ejector
  • High speed hydraulic package
  • Digital display of clamp force
  • Electronic force control
  • Air-cooled heat exchanger
  • WaterSaver valve for heat exchanger

Mechanical Options

  • Work table
  • Shuttle platens
  • Lower sliding platens
  • Mechanical eject
  • Larger daylight opening
  • Power operated door on front or back (in lieu of standard manual gate)
  • T-slots or tapped holes in platen for mold mounting

Electrical Options:

  • 7 day timer for heaters
  • Cycle counter (with keyed reset)
  • Chart recorder
  • Extra heat zones in platen(s)
  • Audible or visual alarms
  • Mold heat temperature controllers and plugs
  • Clamp area lighting
  • 220, 380 or 575 volt operation
  • UL, CUL or CSA configurations available


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