Vacuum Molding Press - Shroud
Vacuum Molding Press - Shroud

Vacuum Shroud Design

Vacuum Chamber Press Features Power Vacuum Shroud and Energy Efficient Hydraulic System

Tonnage Range: 15 – 600    |    Platen Size (“): 12×12 – 48×48

Integral Vacuum Shroud enhances molding quality and ensures cavity filling by eliminating trapped air.

Rapid clamping and pressing speed ensures a productive cycle time, an optional tilting upper platen allows easy access for the operator to clean the mold between cycles.

Standard Feature of Vacuum Shroud Presses:

  • Power vacuum shroud
  • Energy-efficient hydraulic system
  • Safety guards around molding area


Optional Features:

  • Custom de-molding station
  • Tilting upper platen
  • Part ejector system
  • Customized control system
  • Light curtain on front of press


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