Wabash MPI hydraulic and pneumatic presses

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Standard & Custom

Press Leaders

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Compression Molding Presses for Special Applications

400-Ton Compression Molding Equipment for Molding of Parts from Rubber, Plastic, Ceramic and Composite Materials

Design for Peak Performance with Minimum Deflection

Large platen press for special applications.

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All Wabash presses are designed for user-friendly operation and maximum reliability. The large platen presses are also available with oversize bolsters for minimal deflection, resulting in improved part quality.

An energy-efficient hydraulic system, in conjunction with jack ram cylinders, assures rapid closing of the press, and then a slow closing segment. This configuration is ideal for composite molding applications where minimal cycle time, high molding pressure and accurate temperature control are required.

These presses are available in clamp force ranging from 15-1000 tons, and platen sizes up to 100" x 60". Various control systems are available to configure the press to your exact requirements.

Standard Features of the 400 Ton Large Platen Compression Molding Press:

  • Rugged four post or slab-side construction
  • Energy-efficient hydraulic system
  • User-friendly control system

Optional Features:

  • Cartridge heated platens with T-slots and digital control
  • Proportional control of press functions
  • Additional safety equipment as requested