Wabash MPI hydraulic and pneumatic presses

Seller is Wabash Metal Products Inc d/b/a Wabash MPI

Standard & Custom

Press Leaders

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30 Ton Compression

Wabash MPI refurbished 30 ton compression pressG30H-24-CLX


1-30 Ton compression force (adjustable) 24" L-R x 24" F-B fully guided heated/cooled platens 500 degree F maximum operating temperature Single openings with: 6" - 12" open daylight (adjustable) 0" - 6" closed daylight (shut height) 5" bore JIC style clamp cylinder 6" stroke 46" lower platen operating height HYDRAULIC SYSTEM Self-contained hydraulic system, including: 15 gallon reservoir with gauge for oil level and temperature indication Water-cooled heat exchanger 70 IPM closing speed 5 IPM pressing speed 75 IPM opening speed CONTROL SYSTEM Control system including: Allen Bradley Compact Logix programmable controller with PanelView 600 Touch screen and ethernet capability Closed-loop control of clamp pressure Closed-loop control of platen temperature Position control Programmable cooling Non-fused disconnect

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