Wabash MPI hydraulic and pneumatic presses

Seller is Wabash Metal Products Inc d/b/a Wabash MPI

Standard & Custom

Press Leaders

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Pneumatic Compression Press

Wabash MPI refurbished pneumatic compression pressPS.5H-148-CLX


Slab-side frame configuration

200 lbs. – 1000 lbs compression force (adjustable)

14" L-R x 8" F-B fully guided heated/cooled platens

260°C maximum operating temperature, sized for 8°C/minute heat-up rate

Temperature indication in degrees C

Cartridge heaters

Full platen insulation, including perimeter

Single opening with:

6" open daylight (adjustable)

0" closed daylight (shut height)

Pneumatic cylinder

6" stroke


Proportional pneumatic valves


NEMA-rated electrical control enclosure, including:

Allen Bradley SLC 5/05 programmable controller with PanelView operator interface

200 recipe storage

Operating buttons, including two-hand "anti-tie-down" circuit for cycle initiation

Indicating lights

230/3/60supply voltage


Integral vacuum chamber, including:

Front hinged door with interlock switch

Rear hinged door with interlock switch

1.5" NPT port for vacuum source connection


Electrically heated/water cooled platens package

Programmable platen cooling

Thermocouple input to display part temperature (type J)

Linear transducer for clamp position, in lieu of proximity switches

AllenBradley control system including:

AllenBradley SLC 5/05 programmable controller with PanelView 550 touch screen

Closed-loop control of clamp pressure

Closed-loop control of platen temperature

Clamp position display

Each control zone includes:

Recipe storage of 200 recipes, up to 12 segments each

Graphic display of set point vs. actual

Programmable rate of increase or decrease of pressure

Full machine documentation, including operating manual, spare parts list and drawings

Vacuum chamber around clamp area

Vacuum gauge for measuring and monitoring the vacuum in the chamber

Additional I/O for future expansion for Nitrogen purge cycle includes timers set up at Wabash

*Contact factory for terms and details