Data Acquisition Accessory
Data Acquisition Accessory

Data Acquisition System

  • Color touch screen
  • Data display formats
    • Trend
    • Bar graphs
    • Digital
  • USB port(s). One on the front panel and one on the rear panel
    • Connect a keyboard, mouse or USB memory drive, 500 MB internal memory
    • Example: Record 30 channels of data every minute would equal an approximate sample time of 2.5 years
  • External SD Card (up to 32 GB)
  • The recorder’s setup and configuration data can be backed up and saved to the SD card or a USB memory stick
  • Ethernet Communication
    • Recorded data files can be automatically transferred to an FTP Server
    • Web Server – Live data can be viewed from a network computer
    • Printer Output – Print snapshot data to a network printer
    • With an added wireless router, live data can be viewed on a smart phone or tablet
  • Free Universal Viewer software available
    • View recorded data
    • Export recorded data to Excel
  • Security functions can be setup to allow authorized users to specific recorder features
  • Batch function
    • Record data based on batch number and lot number
    • Batch name and comments can be entered
  • Report function
    • Basic report templates can be used to output Excel or PDF files
  • Recorded data security
    • Recorded data stored in encrypted binary format and cannot be modified
    • The data recorder and the viewer software do not allow a data file to be overwritten by a used or automatically
  • A screen snapshot can be taken and saved to the SD Card
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